California menty b!

by Alexa

What is the worst thing that could happen if I quit right now? Like right now. Everyone in this meeting would probably agree with me. How cathartic. 3 months left in my lease. I have the money for that. After that, I’ll become a hermit. Vagabond? Classy, mysterious drifter. That would be better than this. Anything would…

“Yes, I have that prepared, let me share my screen.”

Another Tuesday begins.

Sitting on zoom scheming for a way out. How could I get rich quick? What spending habits can I give up to save more? What am I willing to forgo to regain my time? To stop not respond to that email asking me to change the font size on slide 4?

If you made it this far and I don’t sound dramatic to you, you’re one of us.

Our goal – to get ourselves from angsty, whiny capitalist wage slaves to independent alternative lifestyle pioneers who follow through on the rants their family members are sick of hearing over again.

    What do we want?
    Where do we want him?

What do we really want? I will speak for myself. I want to be on a path toward financial independence so I can spend my time working on projects that I care about at my discretion, instead of out of necessity with anxiety.

How are we going to do this?


Pulling together like minded friends to own our land and livelihood. Creating our homes and a community on our land to escape the rat race. Tiny homes, shared spaces, necessities and space to play. Is that so much to ask? Here, we begin to figure it out.